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Air Balloon Giant Comes First in Southeast Asia in Jakarta

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Reading News day - In the near future, the latest vehicle for family recreation in Jakarta attended the first Giant Air Balloon in Indonesia; the largest and highest will begin operating in Taman Mini Indonesia Indah (TMII) precisely in the Garden of Flowers Golden Conch.

According to excerpts from beritaglobal.com, spectacular new ride that is managed by PT. Biminis Primate conformable, will provide exciting and unique experience for the community, because passengers will see the city from a height of nearly 150 meters, this means that now we do not need to stay away from all the way back to China, Korea, Japan or the United States to just try giant balloon rides This, says Erwin Reynolds as a Director of Marketing.

Fueled a giant balloon helium (non explosive), the deletes (development / expansion) is more secure because of non explosive. Giant balloon with a diameter of 69 m2, can accommodate a capacity of 30 people, with a duration per session is 15 minutes, although this is just a giant balloon flying vertically, but hopefully can provide new experience for passengers, said Erwin Reynolds.

"This is the only one in a giant air balloon rides and rides are also the first in Southeast Asia," said Director of Marketing Reynolds Erwin told reporters recently. "This giant balloon had ever existed before in China, Korea, Japan, Australia, and America," he continued.

Giant Balloon is a phenomenon. Erwin said the flight with a balloon at the Sinful is as high as 20 meters only queue up to two kilometers. Then the chance and try a phenomenon that is presented in Indonesia. In Asia, the new giant balloons are present in Japan, China, Korea, and United Arab Emirates. In Southeast Asia Indonesia's new with this vehicle.

This giant balloon was initially stopped by the coast of Bali. Only the last two weeks because of sea breezes from Australia turned out to endanger the flight. Then decided it was to the capital that will last for five years in accordance with a contract from Taman Mini.

Later the giant balloons are also present special events. As Jakarta at night, get married in the air and dinner in the air. "If married under the sea already exists, it is time in a hot air balloon," said Erwin.

Curious about the price? Giant balloon put a price of Rap 90 thousand for adults and $ 60 thousand for children on weekdays. For weekends and public holidays each class up to Rap 30 thousand. 32 times per day available flight. Even if they cannot fly because of technical problems or weather, ticket holders can still go back on another occasion.

These rides will start operating on December 17, 2011, and during the soft launch is still a giant balloon ticket promo is buy one get one (buy 1 free 1). In addition we will have educational sessions for children, especially primary and junior schools to increase their knowledge.

Another concept that we offer is, the wedding in the sky, to the young couple who will plan the party pernikannya with unique and different than usual, after the mention of commercial advertising matter that will occupy the position of the air balloon Erwin renal add that we are still 'Open' to it, whom he can go first, because a giant air balloon advertising in other countries it is quite expensive, and in Indonesia we are selling at prices very competitive.

In the vicinity of a giant air balloon rides are also there will be a variety of other games such as go-kart and also a variety of food booths, and merchandise.
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