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6 Gadget Most awaited in 2012

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6 Gadget Most awaited in 2012. In 2012, a wide range of gadgets ready to present to the lovers of technology. Some are predictable success in terms of both sales and performance. Here are some of the most anticipated gadgets presence in 2012.

1. Apple iPad 3, iPhone & Apple TV 5 

Apple gadgets are always reap widespread attention. In 2012, the company Steve Jobs founded late this allegedly will introduce three gadgets at once the iPhone 5, iPad 3 and Apple TV. 

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3 rumored iPad wear retina display here are some additions on the hardware sector. While the iPhone 5 or whatever his name later, predicted to have a big screen to the right and left border and a thinner casing. Allegedly the Apple TV can be controlled by voice command technology Siri. 

2. Tablet Windows 8 
Operating system Microsoft Windows 8 is designed to run smoothly and functional both in computers and tablet PCs. Some vendors are rumored to have been busy making Windows-based tablet 8. Is it able to compete with iPad tablet and a row of Android tablet? 

3. Google Nexus Tablet 

Google will confirm the release tablets are specifically designed in 2012. Nexus nicknamed tablet is claimed to be the Android tablet with the best quality. 

4. Samsung Galaxy S III 

Galaxy S II is touted as the best Android phone in 2011. The most likely successors named Galaxy S III was much anticipated. Reportedly, the Galaxy S III was introduced early in 2012 with a quad core processor, high-definition screen and 12 megapixel cameras. 

5. Asus Padfone 

Asus Padfone touted as innovative gadgets. This gadget consists of two parts, namely cell phones and tablets. Uniquely, the phone can be inserted into slots in the back of the tablet. 

6. Nintendo Wii U 

U Wii is a new generation console from Nintendo as Wii successor. The console is worth reportedly anticipated due to present hardware specifications as well as the great revolutionary of the touch screen controller. 
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sell my laptop said...

Those Apple devices are really hot I wonder when will the world grow tired of it.

Technology said...

i'm await a Google Nexus Tablet :)

Kevin Tok said...

th'x for you comment's !!

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