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Prison carousel To Use Robot Control

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Reading Always - Update new today about Prison carousel To Use Robot ControlA prison in the eastern part of Pohang, South Korea will be equipped with a robotic watchdog. The plan, test the robot imprisons will be applied for one month.

As quoted from the BBC, a robot that has a height of 1.5 meters will monitor inmates who perform unnatural acts. The robot is driven by four wheels and equipped with cameras and other sensors that allow it to detect acts of violence and suicide. "This robot is made by Forum Asia, a research group that specializesmemiliko the field of criminal and prison policy. The trial for one month would cost 554 thousand pounds and is sponsored by the South Korean government," said Lee Good Chu, who led the process of designing the robot.

As is known, South Korea's relatively developed countries in the field of making robots. South Korea's Minister of Economic Sciences in January 2011 has spent about 415 million pounds to research in robotics sector between 2002 and 2010. In October 2011 yesterday, South Korean robot market grew 75 percent over the last two years and produce a profit of 1 billion pounds.
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