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History of Java Programming

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Reading Always - today from reading always willing to try to give a little history about the Java Programming. Actually you must have a language like this already know many things from history until the operation of this program.

Java was born at the time of the research conducted by a number of Sun engineers in California in 1991. They make the project of making the programming language that can run on devices that have small memory size. In addition they also want a program can run on any platform, this is because each device has different manufacturing. At first, they named this project as "Project Green."
In his research project, the project succeeded in creating a Green Star 7 (*7), a software that can be used to communicate over long distances is very intelligent. Star 7 is made with the base language of C and C + +. After a while, James Gosling, one of the leadership team felt it had a shortage of both languages, so they agreed to develop a new language. Language they developed was named Oak, was inspired when James Gosling saw the oak tree across from his office. Because Oak has become the copyright of other languages, so they changed the name to Java. Java Naming himself was inspired when the team drank coffee in a coffee shop near their office. One of his team talk about the origins of coffee they drink is from Java (Java). Then the teams agreed to call it the Java language with the logo of a cup of hot coffee.

After they succeeded in creating Star 7, it's market share has not been so interested, so they look for another market share of Internet programming. Those directing the research to the development of the Internet because Java has a characteristic that is suitable for developing the Internet that has a small size, efficient, and portable. At the same time development of the Internet was so rapid, so that soon the Java has become popular among web developers. After their success with Internet programming, then they developed the Java programming to the desktop, mobile, client-server (network), and others.
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Useful information you have shared here.I have studied a book java is originally developed by James Gosling and is released in 1995.

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