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4 People Who Are Signs of Physical Stress

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Reading Always - Life is sometimes made ​​that a person experiencing severe stress, let alone the life she lived was very heavy. Reading Always, try to provide tips for you to recognize 4 people who are experiencing signs of severe stress. Typically these properties many found in people who shake a high
Severe life stressors are not uncommon to make your daily stress colored. Apart from the emotional overflow, signs of stress can also be seen in physical condition. Here, the physical signs of stress :

Eye twitch.
Some health experts believe, eye twitching (blepharospasm) as a result of stress. If you experience it, close your eyes for a moment to relax. Then with eyes closed imagine some fun somewhere, heart to make you smile. Enjoy a moment to feel relaxed. After that, open your eyes and try to move as usual.

Concentration is difficult.
No denying that stress can make a person difficult to concentrate. In fact, starting a small thing like choosing dinner menus. In order to re-focus, stop for a moment all the activities and make your mind relax again. Perform the stretch on the legs, so that the mind is more brilliant. The radiation of the sun can also help the body releases stress hormones triggers serotonin, so you can be more moody.  

Nail cuticle Feels Rough.
Some women like biting your nails to relieve stress or when feeling nervous. As a result, bad habits that make your nails look rough surface. To avoid this, try gegam elastic balls and squeeze when you are stressed. 

The neck muscles tightened.
According to psychologist Elizabeth Lombardo, stress can affect the bones, joints, muscles up the back of the neck muscles tighten. The fix, do relaxation exercises with breathing in as much as five to ten times. Then, focus your mind relaxes the neck slowly. Or, ask your partner gently massage your neck.
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