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Reading Always - I just wanted to tell you a little history of the magazine that I used to like the Magazine BOBO. The magazine is very good when I was in grade school.
The magazine is a lot of science that is provided to readers, such as neighbors learn and also histories belom we've ever read while still in elementary school.

Here's a little history BOBO Magazine you can read.
The following history:

Bobo magazine was first published on April 14, 1973. Embryo of this magazine is a page of children in Kompas. At the initiative of Mr. PK Ojong with Mr Jakob Main, the founder of Compass, children's page is being turned into children's magazines. In collaboration with the Dutch Bobo magazine, caregivers of children Compass page and then create a magazine Bobo Indonesia.

At first Bobo magazine consists of 16 pages of newsprint. Bobo magazine is the magazine's first children colored in Indonesia. Some content comes from the ingredients in Dutch Bobo magazine translated into Indonesian. Some others have continued the rubric of children Compass page. Adi Mr. and Mrs. Tineke Latumeten Subrata was the first magazine parenting these children.

Now the contents of Bobo magazine entirely created and crafted by the editorial staff of Bobo Indonesia. The content and appearance became more varied. Only the name and character of the characters remain Bobo.

Bobo magazine visionary take the nation by making reading an entertaining, healthy, and useful in the development of the child. Magazine's mission is to accompany the child Bobo in play and learning. Helping children develop the skills, knowledge, and creativity. Invite children to think logically and reason. Sensitive to others. Respecting the diversity and life with dignity.

And extends a warm welcome from readers make the magazine Bobo became the leading magazines.
Although the style and appearance is always different with the times, vision and mission remains the same magazine Bobo. Bobo magazines always put a playmate and a child's learning. And always actual in welcoming the future. In accordance with the motto: Friends Playing and Learning. 
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